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History: Merchant nation grows powerful through the riches of an exotic island and maintains strong diplomacy with the jungle islanders, leading to a golden era of exploration and wealth.

Intrigue: Deep jungle dwellers begin to sow seeds of discord to disrupt island’s trade and a thriving black market erodes the Republic’s authority on the island, strengthening the old pirate lords who rule the Northern Coasts.

Danger: A massive vine that dominates the island is encroaching further onto the shore-lands, sundering the earth from which it erupts and bringing dangerous wilderness in its wake.

War: Powerful theocracy nation breaks its era of peace after new rulers usurp the throne from a dying family line, and begins to set its sights on the wealth of the island through extensive espionage.

Mystery: The violent growth of the jungle vine splits the earth and brings strange underground flora to the surface, which seem to spread a curse that causes the Natives to go insane.

Races, Alignments, Bonuses:


  • Human, Halfling, Dwarf, Elf, Neutral, Chaotic
  • +1 CHA, can passively balance and climb, +1 to balancing/climbing under pressure

The seafaring Merchant Republic gained prominence through extensive trade and the discovery of the Island brought untold wealth for them and the Natives. They co-exist within the island’s borders and within Native society and hold a thriving port city, Clearwater Bay. Their position on the island is threatened by the old powers of the island, an extensive black market and powerful pirate lords that have grown through the chaos of the vine.


  • Human, Dwarf, Good, Evil, Lawful
  • +1 CON, can identify some spells and investigate rituals

A theocratic monarchy who practice magic in the same methods as religious worship. They live mostly in isolation in their mountainous homeland where they worship a pantheon that grants them power. Their historically peaceful disposition has changed dramatically with the death of the last of the royal bloodline. A vengeful God-Queen has taken the throne and declared new heresies across the world, including the island and its infamous vine.


  • Elf, Human, Halfling, Humanoids, Neutral, Chaotic, Good, Evil
  • +1 WIS, +1 to Spout Lore, +1 to Defy Danger for natural/landscape hazards

The mainland of the Island has thrived in unique ways through the crafty efforts of the Natives. Aligned to the Republic, the Natives have spread the wealth of the island across the world and thus the wealth of the world to every corner of the island. The Republic’s infrastructure is regularly and routinely exploited by strong crime syndicates, sharing the riches with the local ruling tribes. Partaking in this bounty are the pirates of the Northern Coasts, who further siphon resources from the Republic and jeopardize their control and safety.

Outer Nations:

  • Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Humans, Others, any Alignment
  • +Mental Stat, can define nation’s role on island and able to roll to use their resources

Other nations have stake in the resources of the island, and have set up embassy and companies on the Island. The world has had a lasting peace for centuries and no two nations are at war, but tensions do exist. The relations between the nations and the reasons for being on the island are up to the player’s discretion, but a motive for being on the island is needed.

Character Creation

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